The Venue

In 2012, Frank Gehry presented his first Northern European Masterplan for the Danish city of Sønderborg. One of the key buildings in Gehry’s strategy for Sønderborg was the multicultural centre in which “Irish Stew” is exhibited.

Gehry’s “Sønderborg Harbour Masterplan” was concieved to transform the former industrial waterfront into a vibrant urban district. The development extends along the harbour and incorporates landscaped parks, mixed-use areas, residential and office buildings, a hotel, recreation facilities, and cultural buildings like the Multikulturhuset.

The multicultural centre sits in a prominent location, with views of both the harbour and the city’s historical centre. Sønderborg Multikulturhuset connects the past with the future, the city with the river and culture with learning. As a historical, urban and cultural hub, it creates new contexts that will benefit, delight and inspire locals and visitors to the city. It is the highlight of Gehry’s waterfront development, bringing together several of the city’s cultural institutions – including the Xbunker exhibition space, Sønderborg Library & Southern Jutland’s Art School, and transforms the former industrial harbour into a recreational part of the city with a focus on learning, culture and experiences.